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Professional Learning focused on
Keeping Great Teachers Teaching


“District 112 started its summer with a student focused, teacher focused, energy infused workshop called A Compassionate Teaching Reset. Our teachers gave rave reviews, positive feedback, and much needed reflection and community time.”

— Dr. Michael Lubelfeld, Superintendent of North Shore School District 112 in Illinois


“I’m not here to share what I taught them, though. I’m here to share what I learned from them, because that’s what made me a better teacher.”

Listen as Amelia Leighton Gamel shares a bit about her background and how it all evolved into a high-impact, three-hour training program.

Districts can spend more than $20,000 on each new hire, including school and district expenses related to separation, recruitment, hiring, and training. These investments don’t pay their full dividend when newly hired teachers leave within one or two years. According to the NEA, approximately 48% of teachers are thinking of leaving their positions. Meanwhile, cohorts are dropping in schools of education. School districts must take steps now to retain quality educators. We can help with proven training that provides immediate results in tough times.

Re-ignite that sense of purpose.

Empower all educators to understand and reframe student behaviors in these high-pressure, post-COVID, very different times.

Leverage the force that brought them to this profession in the first place: compassion.

The professional learning that educators love

This high-impact training is based on the 5-star rated book Compassionate Teaching by Amelia Leighton Gamel.

Each Compassionate Teaching Reset training includes 20 copies of the book

  • Restore a sense of purpose for teachers and administrators

  • Support positive student behaviors that dramatically impact learning

  • Inspire a shared school culture grounded in belonging & engagement

  • Improve faculty and staff morale and satisfaction for a job well done

3 hours of professional learning create an immediate impact

A powerful training where teachers experience a transformational shift in their understanding and reframing of students’ behaviors

Informed by a clear description of how under-resourced cultures impact students (and their families) and how that plays out in classrooms, attendees leave this session prepared to put compassionate, high-impact practices to immediate use.

Educators and leaders gain deep insight into how they can build compassionate teaching into everything they do in the classroom

Using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach, attendees gain actionable insight into how their own beliefs, thoughts and feelings can interfere with, or promote, compassionate approaches when responding to challenging student situations.

About Amelia Leighton Gamel

Amelia Leighton Gamel, a nationally recognized educator, author, trainer and speaker, delivers uniquely impactful and thought-provoking training sessions that are improving teacher retention and morale at schools throughout the United States. The effectiveness and popularity of her training program have led to the formation of Equitable EDU, LLC, through which she provides highly interactive professional development to pre K-20 educators. Gamel first put her commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into practice as an educator in a K-12 urban school system, where she purposefully and successfully created and modeled equity-minded and race-conscious teaching. With nearly 10 years of K-12 teaching experience, she then worked in higher ed as a Diversity & Inclusion Specialist and tenured Assistant Professor. Gamel has authored numerous academic books and publications that address how educators can leverage the power of compassion to help students succeed. Gamel is also a recurring guest on Education Talk Radio and other media platforms that focus on groundbreaking professional development.

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Educational Solutions

Building Strong Schools to Strengthen Student Outcomes

“A key element of teacher retention is teacher recruitment, professional development, mentoring and coaching, and ongoing evaluation. But this is all anchored by effective school and schooling practices that use proven scientific strategies that focus on multi-tiered services from prevention to early intervention to strategic and intensive intervention.”

— Dr. Howie Knoff, CEO of Project ACHIEVE Educational Solutions

Project ACHIEVE helps schools maximize the academic and social, emotional, and behavioral progress and achievement of all students. This is accomplished by implementing effective multi-tiered support systems — especially for students demonstrating academic and behavioral difficulties.

Three online courses available now:

Teaching Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Skills to Students

Improving Academic Engagement & Self-Management from Preschool to High School

Implementing Effective Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports

Academic and Social-Emotional Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention

Coping with Stress in a Stressful World

Teaching Students How to Manage Their Emotions, Thoughts, and Behavior

This course focuses on how students’ social, emotional, and behavioral skills significantly contribute to their academic engagement and performance by discussing the importance of social skills instruction for all students from preschool through high school.

Using the evidence-based Stop & Think Social Skills Program and its focus on teaching interpersonal, social problem solving, conflict prevention and resolution, and emotional control and coping skills, the course discusses (a) how to choose and implement a social skills program as part of a school-wide Social-Emotional Learning/ Positive Behavioral Support (SEL/PBSS) program; (b) what social skills are most important, and how to teach them in a regular classroom setting; (c) how to apply social skills instruction to the classroom and building routines, and to prevent teasing, taunting, bullying, harassment, hazing, and physical aggression; and (d) how to successfully use social skills instruction as part of a multi-tiered process for special education and other students with more challenging or significant behavioral problems.


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This seven-session (with two Bonus Sessions) professional development video-course provides everything that districts and schools need to evaluate, redesign, and implement their own successful multi-tiered systems of support. 

Designed for district and school administrators, student service and special education directors, and related services personnel, this is accomplished by providing field-tested, step by step information on how (a) to implement a sequential MTSS process with decision rules on involving consultants, early intervention specialists, the MTSS Building-level Team, and services for students with disabilities; (b) to establish a well-functioning MTSS Building-level Team; (c) to use a science-to-practice data-based problem-solving process to analyze struggling students; and how (d) to link functional assessment results to high probability of success academic or social, emotional, and behavioral interventions.

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This four-session video-course is for administrators, general and special education teachers, related service professionals (counselors, educational/school psychologists, social workers), and other interested educators or clinicians.

The course differentiates between anxiety, stress, and trauma, and discuss how students’ emotional “triggers” result in fight, flight, or freeze responses. We talk about ways to teach students emotional self-regulation in the classroom so that they learn how to prevent and prepare for stressful situations. And, we address how to analyze why some students still have difficulties, and what cognitive-behavioral interventions our mental health professionals may need to consider. All of this is adapted for both general and special education classrooms.

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Dr. Howie Knoff is an internationally known innovator
and hands-on practitioner in the areas of:

  • School Improvement and Turn-Around, Strategic Planning and Organizational Development 
  • School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management (PBIS/PBSS/SEL) 
  • Differentiated Academic Instruction and Academic Interventions for Struggling Students
  • Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Instruction and Strategic and Intensive Interventions for Challenging Students 
  • Multi-tiered (MTSS/RtI) Services and Supports 
  • Effective Professional Development and On-Site Consultation and Technical Assistance 

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needs assessment, or consultation, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Howie Knoff is the CEO of Project ACHIEVE Educational Solutions, and he has implemented his innovative school improvement strategies—through his award-winning Project ACHIEVE program—in thousands of schools or districts over the past 40 years. An expert on school safety and discipline, classroom management and school-wide SEL systems, student engagement and achievement, and interventions with behaviorally challenging students, Dr. Knoff was a tenured Full Professor (22 years at the University of South Florida and SUNY-Albany), and the Director of the federally-funded State Personnel Development/State Improvement Grant for the Arkansas Department of Education for 13 years. There, he was responsible (with his staff) for guiding the implementation of school improvement, PBIS, and MTSS services and supports to districts and schools across the state.

Project ACHIEVE was designated an evidence-based model prevention program by U.S. Department of Health & Human Service’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2000. Beyond its on-site services, Project ACHIEVE implementation is facilitated by an extensive array of Monographs, Technical Manuals, on-line courses and professional development offerings, other publications and software supports, and virtual PLCs. One of Project ACHIEVE’s primary “anchors” is the best-selling Stop & Think Social Skills Program for both school and home implementation.

Let Howie help your school so that all students succeed.